Weddings & Occasions

If you are looking for somewhere very special to host an event, meeting, celebration or wedding, Amberley Castle is an utterly unique location.

Your guests will be amazed by the sense of history and beauty of the castle and grounds. They will also be equally enthralled by the excellence and quality of it's fine cuisine, wines and faultless service.

For the ultimate experience, Amberley Castle can become exclusively yours, allowing you to entertain your guests behind the privacy of the curtain walls and providing us the opportunity to tailor your event to your own exact requirements.

If you are searching for something truly magical but just for two, Mistletoe Lodge is a thatched treehouse nestled among the poplar trees and reached only by a rope bridge. From May to September, guests can enjoy an intimate dinner for two, a pefect place to propose, you can also be married here in a captivating and unforgettable ceremony.

For further information, please call our Events Manager, Karen Denness on 01798 831 992 or email